.....Roll over Def Leppard, Radio Silence mainman Alistair Gordon has been
composing the material for this album since his group's previous (and
second) release, Sirens, landed in the racks eight years ago.
At the risk of resorting to cliché, the wait has not been wasted. The
Mancunian singer has used his extensive track record - which includes
performing back-up vocals with Clapton and The Who, fronting Tony Banks'
Bank Statement project and co-write credits for Sad Café, Mick Jones from
Foreigner and the Average White Band's Allan Gorrie - to formulate an album
that blends pop and adult rock into a set of crisp, confident and succulent
singalong anthems. As you'd expect, Gordon is a quite superb singer who
immerses himself completely into such super-hummable workouts as Mosquito -
arguably its best moment. Elsewhere, Heart Of Hearts is a prime stadium
rocker, though mostly the lavish orchestration and sedate yet never dreary
tempos ensure Radio Silence have more in common with Cutting Crew or Mike +
The Mechanics.
[7/10] classic Rock review

Mayfair Mall Zine:
Well its been eight years since Radio Silence’s Siren’s album but finally Alistair Gordon returns with the bands latest album ‘Whose Skin Are You Under Now’. Again Gordon mixes the modern contemporary rock with the Melodic Rock edge. The bio likens the bands sound to Foreigner meets Mike and The Mechanics and I think that pretty much hits the nail on the head. A great album that you can listen to at ease and that has that summer drive feel about it you know the top down the sun setting over the ocean and nothing but road ahead of you and music on the stereo.
The album opens up with the great ‘Hand To Mouth’, a track your instantly singing along to and with Gordon’s vocals backing up a great sound of Martin Kronlund’s guitars, Imre Daun drums and Mats Olausson keyboards.
The great melodies just keep on coming with ‘Mosquito’, again you’ll find your singing along upon the first listen, and Kronlund’s guitar on this one is just superb. This album is a dream to listen to after a day of album after album. It's nice just to sit back and enjoy an album that puts you at ease and takes the stress of the day off you.
The album continues with great tracks like ‘Wall Of Silence’, ‘Staring At The Sun’ and the excellent ‘When The Lights Go Down’, before picking up the tempo with ‘Somethin Going On’, which definitely has that, Mike and the Mechanics feel.
For those who like an injection of rock from time to time then ’Shotgun Love’ will float your boat for sure and is my track of the album, because this oldie likes to rock with the best of them. Mind you the cover of the Beatles classic ‘Hide Your Love Away’ came a very close second.
This is an album aimed at the more mature rock fan and will go down a storm with the AOR crowd for sure. It won’t see Gordon on Radio One but I suppose he wouldn’t want to be. It will make a few people check out the previous two albums and for an artist in this genre that’s all we ask.


Radio Silence: Whose Skin Are You Under Now
Rating: 4.0/5.0
Review: Craig Hartranft, Dangerdog Music Reviews, 07.29.2009

Radio Silence is the project of vocalist and music veteran Alistair Gordon (Zu Zu Sharks, Bank Statement, Sad Cafe). Gordon has worked with many industry heavyweights, in a variety of occupations, over his 30 year career including Russell Watson, Lionel Richie, Paul Young, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Lisa Stansfield, The Average White band, Mick Jones, and Tony Banks. Even with such a distinguished pedigree, I've always found his vocal skills and song compositions his most distinctive feature. Whose Skin Are You Under Now, Gordon's third Radio Silence project, is another fine example of this brilliance.
On Whose Skin Are You Under Now, Gordon's lead vocals and vocal arrangements, as expected, are lush and compelling. Gordon moves effortlessly between harder rock (Shotgun Love), rock ballads (Staring At The Sun), and straight melodic rock (Hand To Mouth or Mosquito). With the latter style, the album lends itself more towards an AOR style above anything else, and at times can feel slow. Yet, even these songs, like When The Lights Go Down or One Day At A Time, are blessed by Gordon's inimitable vocal style and the crisp production. I'll favor the more upbeat melodic rock numbers like the aforementioned Hand To Mouth and Mosquito, but also the immensely entertaining Somethin' Going On. Gordon also pulls some Beatles out of his hat showing again his amazing range on Hide Your Love Away.
Whose Skin Are You Under Now from Alistair Gordon's Radio Silence project is another showcase for his brilliant vocal skills and song arrangements. Lovers of all things melodic rock and AOR will find this a plentiful and satisfying platter. Recommended!

The English musician Alistair Gordon is certainly not new to the music business... no Sir... some of you out there might know that he has lend his voice to several artist such as; Eric Clapton and The Choirboys (among others). He has been a part of several bands or projects of his own... but let’s concentrate on this release by RADIO SILENCE called ‘Whose Skin Are You Under Now?’. We get 12 tracks of AOR music and usually I like my music harder but this album is a pleasant surprise in my book. Alistair Gordon knows how to write a catchy tune that’s for sure. Give this album a few listens and you know what I mean. Well... there are a few songs here that are too soft for my taste but when the guitars start to hum I’m hooked right away. The rockier songs are dripping with classy melodic rock hooks from start to finish and you’ll find yourself singing along to tracks such as; “Hand to Mouth”, “Mosquito” and the excellent “Heart of Hearts” before you know it. Fans of AOR should at least check this album out. Nice one.
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 24th 2009


Rock Report Review July 20th 2009

There’s a gap of no less than eight years between this “Whose Skin Are You Under Now?” and its predecessor “Sirens”, but the good news is that it was worth the long wait. For those who may have forgotten, Radio Silence is the brainchild of English songwriter Alistair Gordon, who has worked with many successful acts in the past. On this third album he is assisted by the multi-talented producer and guitar/bass player Martin Kronlund, bassist/keyboardist Mats Olausson and drummer/percussionist Imre Daun. Apart from the final track, the Lennon-McCartney composition “Hide Your Love Away”, all songs have been written or co-written by Mr Gordon himself and among them are a wealth of rockers and ballads, all catchy as hell with great choruses and inviting the listener to sing along with (just listen to “Mosquito”!). Alistair Gordon once again reveals himself as the creator of great AOR/pop rock tunes that will appeal to a large audience, young and old! Among the best tracks on offer are rock tracks like the opener “Hand To Mouth”, “Somethin Goin On” and “Shotgun Love” as well as heartwarming ballads such as “When The Lights Go Down” and “One Day At A Time”. Provided with an excellent sound (but with rather poor cover artwork), this is an excellent comeback album from Alistair Gordon under the monicker of Radio Silence!

Songs: 91%
Sound: 90%

With all the great hard rocking releases around at the moment, it is hard to find something more soothing to give my ears the occasional rest they need. Plus I'm not always in the mood for melodic metal at 9am. My first love has always been AOR, so with fewer soft/AOR releases around at the moment, I am even more appreciative of the new Radio Silence, which hits on that true sound of genuine British AOR.
Radio Silence is basically the project name that vocalist Alistair Gordon uses. The line up from the first album has been replaced by Swedish producer Martin Kronlund's production team.
But that's not a bad thing - what makes Radio Silence great is Martin and his band's ability to switch gears from the hard rock they have normally deliver, toning it down here to deliver a high-tech 80s styled album.
And Alistair sounds great – the melding of both talents and some very catchy songwriting makes for a compelling listen. There are some really intelligent songs featured on this album and it isn't AOR by numbers at all. There are rockers, ballads and in-between, but all delivered in that relatively laid back British AOR style.
Hand To Mouth is a very smooth and sultry opener while Mosquito is just about perfect uptempo catchy AOR at its commercial best. Wall Of Silence harks back to the mid-80s with it's keyboard presence the primary factor – not to mention the great chorus. Staring At The Sun is another slice of moody melodic bliss, almost a ballad, but not quite.
But it doesn't stop there – the tunes keep coming and the following trio of tracks are all worth individual honors. Another World is a stunning moody AOR track that reminds me a little of 80s Glen Burtnik, while Shotgun Love picks up the tempo a little, adding a bluesy vibe to the album.
Anyway The Wind Blows is another first rate ballad. The only track on this album that is anything less than essential is the acoustic cover of the Beatles track Hide Your Love Away.
-The Bottom Line-
Its been a hard rocking month, so for the other side of the coin, check out Radio Silence – this month's smoothest and most traditional AOR release. A fine set of songs that make the 8 year wait since the debut album almost worth it! With the line-up featured here in place, there is no excuse why another album should not be commissioned post haste!


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