REVIEW: July 19th 2009 / Tommy Hash / Score:4/5
Approaching a more singer/songwriter driven pop feel to AOR/melodic rock in the vein of Alien, Robert Berry/Alliance, Brian McDonald, & Daryl Braithwaite, England's Radio Silence has executed a record that does not bound itself by stereotypical boundaries, melding modern elements of sophisticated pop into the arena ready rock sound, adding this edge to a the music to define themselves in more ways than one - similar to the way Frost* produces their music in the progressive rock genre.

While the addition of occasional drum loops and the dancy feel give it somewhat of a commercial vibe, you won't hear any adult contemporary or teeny bopper sounds here. The brainchild of songwriter/producer Alistair Gordon, Whose Skin Are You Under is a record where the tunes themselves spark the intrigue - and it's something different from what we would normally expect in the world of AOR/melodic rock. The stand out tracks are the groove driven "Wall of Silence," the upbeat "Another World," the emotive "Heart of Hearts," and the acoustic "When the Lights Go Down" which offer up counterpoint to the often over-the-top, big synthesizer & big guitar sound that we know and love - but the things that remain big are the big melodic hook lines and the big choruses - although there are textures of guitar crunch and textured synths to lend to the musical focus.

Something fresh upon the ears, with an upbeat and happy-go-lucky vibe; Radio Silence is a band that proves that holding the singer/songwriter stance doesn't necessarily mean just sitting down with and acoustic guitar or sitting at the piano - it means getting up and rocking out good tunes on your own terms with a full band if you want.
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